NJ Leather titleholders news

Just a quick note to all who want to know that boi robi is Ms. New Jersey Leather 2007 and Chuck N. is Mr. New Jersey Leather 2007. Rumor has it that those two plan to switch sashes in the very near future. And yes, they were the ones to start that rumor! There was a good crowd, a festive atmosphere, and a lot of fun in Asbury Park. Also in the Andromdea news:

In order of occurrence; Pup (Ms. New Jersey 05) and Amy-Marie sre engaged, they wed in the spring. Master J and peanut (Ms. New Jersey 06) followed suit and are now, and Storm (Ms. New Jersey 04) and Miss Lisa got engaged the day the New Jersey Supreme Court ruled about gay marriage. I just thought a few of you might like to know.