Judges Girl

So my last update has been a long time coming. The last "big" event I remember going to was (okay my birthday party, but there are enough people who know details and have pictures of it). Oneida Leather Contest, which my Daddy was a judge at. My current boifriend was the Tally Master's Boi, so they needed a judges "liason." I was drafted for that and was REALLY happy at the opportunity. It was really good because through my influence (as well as some of my boifriends) we were able to help the contest as well as help the greater community of Oneida realize that us girls are here to stay and that we can do more than just be arm candy. The opportunity helped me to also enlarge my leather family. I am now, evidently, the neice of Uncle Bob. He was the head judge who considered himself part of the old guard or the leather community. He did change his thoughts on some of the leather community as far as the girls are concerned and I appreciated his openness to contemplating the ideas of the girls being accepted in the community and being able to work and perform as judges girls and tally people and all that fun stuff. PLUS, I got to see my Daddy be a bad-ass so that was really cool too!!!!

Tiffany Jean
aka the vinyl princess