Sooooooooooooooo it's been a month now.......

OK, for those of you who read this, and didn't already know this.... Before Tiffany and I dated we decided to move in together. She moved in about a month ago, and I was in the process of moving in when we started dating. (Insert your own lesbian/U-haul joke here.....) And yes, the U-haul came out on the second date. This sunday it's a month for us as a couple, and something like saturday was amonth for Tiffany living here. Yes, I stayed here more than I was at my old place once we started dating.

What can I say? I never knew how happy one small change could make me. I am the lucky one of the two of us. What makes me say that here is that we argue that point frequently. Here, she can message me, and tell me that I'm wrong, and she can create her own blog, and state her thoughts... but I get to be right in my own blog. When you're the boi you take being right in the few places you can get it too.

Domestic life is something weird to adjust to. I've never lived with a girlfriend before. I find myself looking at all this femme-ish stuff in the bathroom thinking, what is this for? If someone can expain some of it, I'd be grateful. Then again, maybe I don't really want to know about all that.

I'm in awe of how this wonderful girl picked me. She couldn't be making me any happier. OK, I still have the honeymoon effect going on too, but I don't remember things being this great with anyone ever before. Maybe I followed Furby's lead, and found my perfect partner during my title year.

I hope so.