OK I've never blogged before

It seems I can never remember what/who I was doing when and where. I figure doing this blog might help me out with that. If anyone is interested, well, hopefully I don't bore you too much. Most recently I was at the Ms. Oneida contest, helping my Daddy Sal compete for Ms. O.

Ok, Kitty Cat Imani, but we are still talking about the same person. This was Daddy's first drag contest, and I am VERY proud of him for doing the contest. He is a preious Mr. ESL (2003) and Mr. Western NY Leather. Titles tell you little, but let it be said, Daddy is the fireball that got the ESL title out there, Furby, Mikhael, and I have been running with what Daddy started.

There couldn't have been a prouder boi in the audience at Ms. Oneida. Especially after the contest when he told me that I am the only one he ever allows to call him Daddy, and there is no one else he'd rather have call him Daddy. I still have the warm fuzzies thinking about it.

I realized then that you don't appreciate how much peope mean to you until you see them again. I hadn't seen Daddy in three months, and some of the people I adore at Camp I hadn't seen in nearly a year. Why don't we keep in contact better? Hopefully I will see them all within a few months, not almost a year later.

Until the next time I blog,
hugs to you all