Marching with Daddy

Well, this weekend took me to Brooklyn to work a play party that I was asked to work at. Let me tell you, it was lesbian heaven when this British girl walked in. Anyway, there are more details for that on another day.
The BIG fun came when I went to the Queens Pride Parade and marched with a particular awesome guy that I know. Let me tell you, it was definately different for me. I happen to be collared to this fabulous gentleman and being collared is a different world for me (even when it involves letting a Mistress take you in the wrong direction to get to when you already know the right way, but I was a good girl {for once} and we did make it to the party). Anyway, I marched and supported my awesome Daddy and made some friends of my own (and enjoyed the beautiful bagpipping that was going on, Thanks Long Island Ravens!!!){it was the Ravens, right?). I got to pose in my cute leather/vinyl uniform and there were many pictures taken of me (and definately many taken of Daddy). I definatley had fun and made friends along the way!
Next time, though, I hope to finally have an Albany Boys And Girls Of Leather vest and/or banner and be able to support my group as well. But I definatley LOVED supporting my Daddy!!!

Peace out/Kisses,
Tiffany Jean
aka The Vinyl Princess