The Queen's Burro Deep

June 4th 2006

In a few days I will travel to NYC to prance in pride ;} well maybe not prance, more like saunder. I will stand on(in) the throne of the city and maybe cross a bridge(famous) or two. I'll get lost in quaint villages in my pursuit of more leather. Wish me luck and good directions. I hear it's a jungle out there.

Queen's and NYC

Took the train to NYC and began my quest at the 9 Ave Saloon. Nice little place. Stuffed my nap sack in the corner and was immediately invited to join the Renegades at their table. Talked with three of their officers and was invited to join the group and to come up to Camp Onieda for their annual run.

Got directions and cautions from the Prez. and started off for the NYC Eagle. After some confusion on my part I found the place and went in. Checked my nap sack and cruised the bar. 3 floors of people. I talked briefly to a nice guy on the stairs but our conversation was rudely interruped by a guy pushing him on up the stairs. After that not even the bartender would speak to me. I was wearing my vest but maybe they just didn't notice. I even went so far as to ask what time it was from a very well clad hitler type. After giving me the once over he simply turned his back to me. So much for Eagle hospitality. Oh well.

I left and went over to the West Side Club where I was refused a room because I wasn't a Member. There was a line and others couldn't get in either for the same reason. After about twenty minutes I went back to the guy, slipped him my card and and asked him to call me when I could get in. He looked pole axed and gave me a room. A Title can go a long way. ;}

Queen's parade was awesome!!! It looked like the whole town came out for the parade. People were hanging out windows and waving. I took my new leather daughter with me and she was a great hit. The women just loved her and some of the guys too. I didn't stay for the feastivities but I met some truly wonderful people in the cities( Queen's is a city in my book, have you seen the size of that place) and I am looking forward to going back. I will try again with the Eagle (maybe they were just having a bad night).