I kept myself busy this evening.  I added a to-do list and completed most of the items.

Tonight I added "user workspaces", a page where any user can see all their posted content in one place.  This will make it easier for them to keep on top of their posts and also see if any comments or replies were posted.

But most importantly I added "sign-up sheets" to events.  Any event where volunteers or additional help is needed can now have a sign-up sheet attached.  Members can add themselves to the sign-up sheet and a message is sent to the event coordinator that they have signed up.  A confirmation is sent to the member that they have signed up to assist at an event.  And, finally, a reminder at a predetermined time, say the day before, is sent out to the member reminding them of the event and that they have signed up to assist.

Anti-discrimination bill in Montpelier


Bill Lippert - Rep from Hindsburg is pushing a bill through the House Judicial Commitee.

This bill is an anti-discrimination bill  protecting Gender Identity and Expression.

This bill will be added to the existing legislation.  The new list will read: "race, color, creed, religion, age, disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or national origin.


Didn't do too much today other than play with some of the graphics and start the support and faq pages.  Added a support forum too.  Site support that is...

It appears the point system is working pretty well, I think I'll keep it...  It's a good gauge of member participation.  I just have to remember to reset it when the site "offically" opens on February 17, 2006.


Today I just did a little tweaking around the site.  Nothing special so far.

I did add a point system to award points to the "active" users of the site.  It awards points based on activity.  A user earns 3 points for posting a blog, 2 points for posting a comment, 5 points for posting to the forums... etc.  It would be nice to present a prize of some sort at each meeting to the month's most active member, or something... and the least active member wins


6:40:28 p.m.

My eyes are bleeding from staring at this computer screen.  I'm still having trouble with the listhandler.  It appears that since the listhandler processes forum post done via e-mail to check for valid e-mail addresses that it does not in turn select these postings to be put out via the listhandler.  They have already been processed.  The listhandler will select manual post to the General Interest forum and Replies to post as new content and will send them to the list.  I've tried a number of ways to get around this but so far nothing has worked.  Now I'm looking into different modules that may accomplish the same thing.

Testing this out

I already have a blog at But this is cool.


Well I spent the morning trying to get the mailhandler and listserver running (still) and finally decided the problem was with the server and not the site... I was right.  I'm waiting for a fix from the hosting service but I have to call it a day, I have to work this afternoon/evening and have to give up right now.

Fortunately I have the next three days off and can put in some serious time.  Chris, leatherVT, has offered to be a beta-tester and I set up his account.  I can't wait to have someone give me some feedback and try posting a few things.  It'll be interesting to see what works and what doesn't.


Today was Groundhog's Day... wasn't too bad with a little salt and pepper and a lot of bbq sauce...

Spent most of the evening trying to set up the listserver... notice I said trying...  Tomorrow's another day, maybe I'll have a little better luck.  For some reason something in the configuration is eluding me, big time.  But I'm tired and I can't even think straight so I'll leave it for another day.


Today I vowed not to mess too much with the site. Maybe a little work on the general appearance and that would be enough. Well it would have been had I stuck to the plan. Spent the evening working on some content but then got interested in what new features I could come up with. Unfortunately I came up with way too many for one night.

Tonight I added private messaging, private messages available within the site without having to go through email at Of course daily emails will be sent to your GMLC email account notifying you if there are any unread messages waiting (should you so choose).

GMLC Members' Site

For the past 2 days I've been configuring the members website for Green Mountain Leather Club (I finished the public area days ago). There are so many system settings and configuration options I feel like I'm going in circles. For some reason it took longer to set up the simple forum module than the rest of the entire site. I just turned on blogs and so here I am...

I'm calling it quits for the night and headed out to surf the web for a bit... although ever since taking on this project

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