The workings of a leather girl

Well, now that I am officially a member of the leather community, well, not a hole lot has changed. I'm still busy traveling, though now it is more to support my leather daddy and myself, than to support my bestfriend/big brother. This coming weekend, I am part of fetish week down in NYC helping friends of mine with a play party on saturday and then going to leather pride in Queens.

The big thing for me is figuring out where to do a jello wrestling match in the Albany area. It is going to be for charity and it will be Tiffany Jean vs. Amy Marie who is part of the leather club Andromeda (sp?). The winner will end up with my pair of pink vinyl thigh high hooker boots. The catch is finding a place to do this at. I'm looking at finding somewhere in Albany for it, but it's not so easy (which kinda suprises me).

Anti-discrimination bill in Montpelier

The Senate passed the bill through the Senate last Wednesday.  It went back through the house on Friday and is now sitting on the Governor's desk.

He is making noise about VETOing it because of some technical questions that he has.

PLEASE call him @ 800-649-6825 and tell him that we need  protection for everyone in Vermont to be protected.

He will be making his decision today or tomorrow.


As some of you know, I competed for American Brotherhood Weekend's boy contest last weekend, and came in third. I am the first Empire State Leather titleholder to make it onto the platform, (spot 3 or higher) and I have a lot of people to thank. Furby, Mikhael, and Tiffany Jean thank you for being a part of my fantasy, along with everything else you have done. Big D, you and I met a little over a year ago, and you have worked your behind off to help me from day one.


 I would like to thank everyone for making it possible to bring the MR. ESL title back to Vermont.  I could not have done it without the help and support of each and every one of you.  Thanks again. Mikhael


Hey guys. My name's Vincent. Pleased to meetcha. I'm looking to meet interesting and intense men and have sex with some of them. Bisexual and a switch here. I like playing both dom and sub; topping and bottoming. Does that work for ya? My Yahoo IM and America Online IM are both bonoboboy41 if you want to chat.


In case anyone is wondering, and I know you are, I've kept myself busy with the site.  I've just been really really bad about posting to my blog.

I've kept adding features and tweaking those already here but it's been difficult due to the low amount of traffic.  Hopefully the ad in Out In The Mountains will drum up some interest in the site.

Meanwhile I'll just keep plugging away... (I do love doing this.)

Green Mountain Bondage Boys

What are the Green Mountain Bondage Boys?
Who are we?
What are we about?

I just posted information to the News-and-Other-Events fourm.

Also posted information about our upcoming party this Saturday, open to all Green Mountain Leather Club members.


Today I opened the site up to all GMLC members.

I also added profile pics for members.  These pics are public (semi-public) and should be g-rated.  Each member can post one picture to their profile, it is limited in size to 120x120 and 60kb.

Galleries have also been added but as of yet remain untested.  I'll test the galleries within the next couple of days before I open them up to the members for posting.  I'm still trying to determine if members can add their own 'personal' galleries or if they'll be limited to the galleries I've set up.


I've been spending a lot of time fine tuning the site for the past couple of days.  There isn't too much more to do right now, I really need to see the site in action once members start to sign up.

Until then I'll just keep doing what I can.


I know I haven't posted to my blog in a few days but I haven't been slacking off either.  I've kept myself bust working on a FAQ section and to do list (projects).

Beside all that I've tinkered with the configuration some so you might notice things look a little bit different.

I've been having a small problem with my subscriptions but I think I finally got it figured out.  It's been a little hard without members posting to the site yet but I managed to get a few things through.

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