directions to the Vermont Bear Film Festival

Hi Guys:
Hope you guys can join us on Saturday Aug. 25th for a great day of Bear fun...

any questions just e-mail me.
thanks: dave


FROM NEW YORK CITY, AND SOUTH HARTFORD, ETC: take various routes that lead to New England; you are trying to get to I-91N in Connecticut; (I-95, Merritt Parkway and I-84 bring you there in Hartford.) Go north of Hartford on I-91; into Massachusetts to exit 28B (last exit in Mass.) continue with exit 28B directions below.

cocsucker in the Rutland gorge this weekend

I will be servicing cock in the woods at the Rutland gorge on saturday the 21st. look for the white jeep wrangler noon to ?

When is next meeting at RU12?

Hey guys, I just opened a new account. I met many of you at the Green Mountain Bondage Boys party with Rubberwoof here in Milton last summer.

Wanted to attend your next meeting, but am not sure if the one scheduled for last Thursday was rescheduled due to the blizzard.

Would someone drop me a line or respond and let me know. Thanks!

Mr. Connetticutt

The new Mr. Conneticutt is Jaysin Sayles, who I will try to get up to Vermont at some point. He is willing to travel and visit those who will reach out to him. I don't have a contact number for him just yet, but maybe we can invite him to the next Green Mountain Leather Club's outing?

I hope to see you all soon.........

NJ Leather titleholders news

Just a quick note to all who want to know that boi robi is Ms. New Jersey Leather 2007 and Chuck N. is Mr. New Jersey Leather 2007. Rumor has it that those two plan to switch sashes in the very near future. And yes, they were the ones to start that rumor! There was a good crowd, a festive atmosphere, and a lot of fun in Asbury Park. Also in the Andromdea news:

In order of occurrence; Pup (Ms.

Judges Girl

So my last update has been a long time coming. The last "big" event I remember going to was (okay my birthday party, but there are enough people who know details and have pictures of it). Oneida Leather Contest, which my Daddy was a judge at. My current boifriend was the Tally Master's Boi, so they needed a judges "liason." I was drafted for that and was REALLY happy at the opportunity. It was really good because through my influence (as well as some of my boifriends) we were able to help the contest as well as help the greater community of Oneida realize that us girls are here to stay and that we can do more than just be arm candy. The opportunity helped me to also enlarge my leather family. I am now, evidently, the neice of Uncle Bob. He was the head judge who considered himself part of the old guard or the leather community. He did change his thoughts on some of the leather community as far as the girls are concerned and I appreciated his openness to contemplating the ideas of the girls being accepted in the community and being able to work and perform as judges girls and tally people and all that fun stuff. PLUS, I got to see my Daddy be a bad-ass so that was really cool too!!!!

Sooooooooooooooo it's been a month now.......

OK, for those of you who read this, and didn't already know this.... Before Tiffany and I dated we decided to move in together. She moved in about a month ago, and I was in the process of moving in when we started dating. (Insert your own lesbian/U-haul joke here.....) And yes, the U-haul came out on the second date. This sunday it's a month for us as a couple, and something like saturday was amonth for Tiffany living here. Yes, I stayed here more than I was at my old place once we started dating.

The really BIG news

Ok, so some of you already know all about this. Some don't. I have a new girlfriend, as of Mr. Oneida weekend. It was interesting to watch the reactions of my friends as my girlfriend, while a girl is male. Yes, Tiffany, I am talking about you. Again.

First, although we had 'the discussion' two nights earlier, I had to talk to her Daddy, Mikheal. I love Mikhael to bits, but was that about the scariest conversations I have ever had with him. I was terrified of hearing him say no. He could probably tell....

OK I've never blogged before

It seems I can never remember what/who I was doing when and where. I figure doing this blog might help me out with that. If anyone is interested, well, hopefully I don't bore you too much. Most recently I was at the Ms. Oneida contest, helping my Daddy Sal compete for Ms. O.

Ok, Kitty Cat Imani, but we are still talking about the same person. This was Daddy's first drag contest, and I am VERY proud of him for doing the contest. He is a preious Mr. ESL (2003) and Mr. Western NY Leather. Titles tell you little, but let it be said, Daddy is the fireball that got the ESL title out there, Furby, Mikhael, and I have been running with what Daddy started.

Marching with Daddy

Well, this weekend took me to Brooklyn to work a play party that I was asked to work at. Let me tell you, it was lesbian heaven when this British girl walked in. Anyway, there are more details for that on another day.
The BIG fun came when I went to the Queens Pride Parade and marched with a particular awesome guy that I know. Let me tell you, it was definately different for me. I happen to be collared to this fabulous gentleman and being collared is a different world for me (even when it involves letting a Mistress take you in the wrong direction to get to when you already know the right way, but I was a good girl {for once} and we did make it to the party). Anyway, I marched and supported my awesome Daddy and made some friends of my own (and enjoyed the beautiful bagpipping that was going on, Thanks Long Island Ravens!!!){it was the Ravens, right?). I got to pose in my cute leather/vinyl uniform and there were many pictures taken of me (and definately many taken of Daddy). I definatley had fun and made friends along the way!

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